River Zrmanja

Zrmanja is one of the most famous rivers of Croatia and is distanced 90 km to the north from Tribunj . Zrmanja springs  under the plain Poštak in the southern part of Lika and flows into the sea Novigradsko moře, about 12 km from Obrovac.  The river formed the way to the sea a thousand years, it deepened the gulf and created numerous waterfalls and cascades that enchant every visitor in this region.

Active athletes like this canyon, they conquer the river flow with numerous waterfalls and with the 10m hight waterfall Visoki buk, which is required to circumvent. In the village Muškovci begin 15km long trip in the beautiful unspoilt countryside while riding in canoes or rafts. During the summer the water level is low, and therefore only suitable for kayaking.