Etnoland "Dalmati" Pakovo Selo - Drniš

Etnoland Dalmati is situated in Pakovo Selo near Drnis and only about 10 minutes from the National Park Krka. The first park of its kind was founded in 2007, covers an area of ​​15,000 m² and has a capacity of 650 guests in the winter and summer restaurant.

Skansen Etnoland Dalmati offers its visitors to learn more about the dalmatian life in the past,  customs, traditions, stile of life and society in the region, which makes this park unique. The complex consists of an old Dalmatian house, stables for animals, threshing floor, craft workshops, performance space, restaurant and souvenir shop.

The tour starts by visiting an old Dalmatian house with a museum that includes a wine cellar with wine barrels and other equipment needed for production and storage of wine. Sample old bedroom, loom, black kitchen and dining room are located on the ground floor and drier meats and smoked ham in the attic . Etnoland includes a garden planted with indigenous herbs and vegetables, they are sheeps and goats, chickens and donkeys in the stable.