The town of Knin is situated about 70 km  from Tribunj in the inland of Dalmatia, near the Krka River, which flows at the foot of the Dinara mountain range. 2 km from the town of Knin is the stream Krčić with a spectacular waterfall, under which again rises Krka river.

The city has a rich history, already during the 11th century the diocese of Knin was established and in 1080, during the reign of King Zvonimir,  Knin was declared the nation's capital. Antil 13 century the town was an important military stronghold, but after the conquest by the Turks left the Croats. After the Republic of Venice acquired the town of Knin under its domination, Croats have returned here in 1709 and built a church and a Franciscan monastery.

In 1990 a revolt broke out by the majority Serbian population and armed aggression against Croats by the majority Serbian population. During the Patriotic War between 1991 - 1995 became Knin the main base of separatist Serbs and they proclaimed Knin to capital of the Republic of Srpska Krajina. In August 1995 the city was liberated and connected back to the Croatian state.

Above the town rises extensive Knin fortress, which was enlarged over the centuries and rebuilt and today is considered the largest fortification system in Dalmatia.

18 km from Knin are the remains of a Roman military camp of Burnum from 1 century BC.