Asseria are abandoned and destroyed extensive remains of Illyrian-Roman Municipio, located in Podgrađe, about 6 km from Benkovac and about 50 km from Tribunj. The first mention of Asseria come from the late 18th century when the Venetian traveler Albert Fortis, full of enthusiasm Enlightenment, purchased a old wooden tombstones, though about the reason of depressions. He planned to come back to the place one more time and do research, but with sufficient equipment for digging. In 1898 archaeologists from Vienna came to Asseria and made the first professional excavations. The famous poet and travel writer Ante Tresić Pavičić visited and described this place in the early 20th century. Systematic archaeological research was conducted in Asseria only since 1998 and led to many interesting findings about life in this long-hidden city.