Nature Park Vrana Lake

About 18 km from Tribunj lies Vrana Lake and  the surrounding, declarated protected area, on which territory nest many species of birds in the shores. Vrana Lake, the largest lake in Croatia, is originally freshwater and later was connected with the sea through the channel Prosika. Vrana Lake has brackish water, because the bottom of the lake is below sea level. They live here both freshwater and sea fish such as carp, pike and eels. A large number and variety of fish attracts fishermen to the lake, who can purchase a day or multi-day fishing license. Athletes can use  bicycle path around the lake with the length of 36 km and they can bike to more distant sites of the surrounding landscape, such as the viewpoint Kamenjak.

Ornithological reserve Vrana Lake is located on the northwest shore of Lake Vrana, where you can see 241 bird species.

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