Dalmatian city of Zadar, which is famous of Maraschino liqueur and monuments in the historical center of the peninsula is distanced from Tribunj 80 km.

Zadar boasts sights such as the unique pre-Romanesque church St. Donat, the Roman Forum with antique marble columns, fine Romanesque Cathedral of St. Anastasia (Sveta Stošija) with dominant belfry, from which a beautiful view of the city, the Romanesque church and the Benedictine Monastery of the Virgin Mary (St. Marija), city walls with entrance gates and towers, Venetian urban lodges, municipal guard house, etc. The area of ​​Zadar was settled in the 9th century BC  and is the first city of Zadar in Croatia, which had already in 1396 by Dominican own university, who founded the monastery of St. Dominic.

Tourists are attracted in Zadar with two unique architectural attractions from author Nikola Basic. Sea organ is system of 35 pipes  located in the wall of the embankment in sea level. Pressure waves in pipes-fitting air that passes through the vents on the surface of the embankment, which form sound in tones of traditional Croatian songs. Game of the sea is stronger, the bigger are the waves caused by wind or passing ferries. Sea organ was put into work in 2005. Global success of this attraction was stimulus to the  newcreation of architect Nikola Bašić called Greeting to the Sun in 2008. Greeting the Sun is located on the waterfront close to the sea organ. It is a set of nine circular panels with photovoltaic cells. Circles represent the Sun and planets in the actual ratio of sizes, but not in distance. By day the collector represent "the Sun" with a diameter of 22 m, it is only a huge dark circle, but after dark shine a big light in the play of colors thanks to solar energy accumulated through the day.