Sacral Monuments of Tribunj

Church of Sts. Nicholas (Crkva sv. Nikole) - built in the 15th century is situated on a hill above the village, where formerly stood a fortress Jurjevo grad, and is surrounded by a cemetery.

Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Velika Gospa Crkva) - was built in 1883, facing a stone bridge leading into the old center stage at the island.

Church of the Virgin Mary (Male Gospa Crkva) - from 1452

Church Our Lady of Caramel (Crkva Gospa od Karmela)
The modern look of the church on the hill Okit attracts when viewed from the sea from Tribunj. On the hill Okit was esrimated first church in the 17th century on the place of the former chapel.  It was formed the Cross way with 14 chapels to the top of the hill to begin of 20. century. The church was rebuilt several times and  twice was destroyed - during the Second World War and during the Civil War. The current appearance of the church is the work of architect Nikola Bašić.

Church of St. John the Baptist (Crkva sv. Ivana Krstitelja)
Local Church of John the Baptist is located near the village Rakitnica and was built in 1445, when the parish was founded in Rakitnici. Twice a year the church celebrates Mass at St. John the Baptist.