History of Tribunj

The original village was located on a hill St. Mikula, at the top was built medieval fortress Jurjevgrad. According to a fortress was village named since the founding of the diocese of Sibenik in 1298 until the end of the 17th century.

Today Tribunj is built on the island, which was later connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. It was first mentioned in 1463 under the name Tribohunj. Place on the island is changing names as Trebic, Trebiste, Trebunj, Tribohunj, Tribohum, Trebocconi (Venetian name from 1684, meaning three pieces). It is not clear whether the name of the village is derived from the name of the pagan sun god of the Croats or from the Slavic word meaning "place of sacrifice." At the beginning of the 20th century were uncovered remnants of defensive walls of the strength Jurjevgrad from the mid 17th century, which were built during the Venetian government to defend against the Turks.