Sights and attractions of Tribunj

Rašina abode (Rašina bunja)
Around the Mediterranean there are shelters that are most popular in Croatia in the area around Zadar and Sibenik. This old dwelling typical way structures are mostly circular, but may also be rectangular or irregular shape. Rašina abode is interesting due to the design and construction solutions, since they are composed of two large and two smaller rooms. The most interesting part of the larger room is the abode of her inner hallway that leads from the first room to the other. Room with a fireplace serves as a kitchen and one room was designed to sleep. Two smaller rooms were used for breeding animals.

Rakitnica settlement is mentioned as early as 1311 and still are visible remains of old buildings and stone walls, called dry walls. Gallows nobles, owners Rakitnice, along with the villagers began to build a castle Gradina in1509 on a steep ridge above the village to defend against the Turks. During the 17th century were battle for Rakitnica between Turkish and Venetian troops up until 1669, when the Turks left.

Roman brick oven - on the edge of location Three wells in Rakitnica was recently found the remains of a Roman kiln, which was used for the production of tiles and bricks and clay pots. This kiln is unique in this part of Dalmatia, is one of four known to date in the territory of Croatia. Near was located a rural villa.

Archaeological site Velika Mrdakovica - Arauzona
Excavations revealed the existence of a large cemetery with a large number of urns with ash of the dead. Several of the oldest grave dates from the 4th and 3 century BC.